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hannibal park Sousse This complex is well known trade mark in the entrance of the tourist district elkantaoui at Hammam Sousse one the famous marina in Tunisia. itís a 15000 square meter of space where an average of 10000 guest a night visit on a busy summer night from Tunisia and from all over the world and it look like a melting pot with the variety of people , languages , culture and traditions. In this park there is:    

  • 25 set of games imported from Italy and Germany to satisfy the desire of all people of all agesí kids and adults, boys and girls. Once the game starts and the music plays the park becomes a kidís haven.
  • Game room equipped with the most up to date electronic games.
  • More than 15 stores filled with the Tunisian traditional craft and arts well liked by the tourist.
  • A night club well equipped and well organized .
  • Alisa cafť a nice quiet corner where you could sit and have a drink while the kids enjoy the rides.
  • the capitol court with itís terrace coffee that could seat 200 guest where you could enjoy a daily entertaining program
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