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The complex have seven buildings two of them offices and the other five buildings are apartments that have 4 facades. The complex is 10 levels two of them underground.

On the first sub level you find a 5000 square meter champion supermarket which is affiliated with the famous french trade mark Carrefour and a 60 parking space .

The second sub level is a 644 parking space half of it for the resident of the complex and the rest for the commercial center with an extra 80 outside parking spaces.


We should note that the commercial center stretch to mezzanine floor with a total covered spaces of 32000 square meter and is going to promote some of the world most famous brand name in perfume clothing and shoes.

Also at the mezzanine floor you find a kindergarten and a wedding hall theatrical style many restaurants entertainment corners, a Mary service office, and praying room.

In the complex there is 150 apartments , a total of 15000 square meter and to get around between these floors and centers you find 24 electric elevators 4 of them panoramic style and 12 electric escalators.

To give the complex a charming look we hired some of leading french decorating companies. Also we have to note that all the apartments are air conditioning ready and equipped with electric heating system and satellite TV receiving systems along with a fire prevention system and an intercom system.

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